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What Is Restorative Dentistry?

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Did you know that 6% of all adults in the United Kingdom no longer have any of their natural teeth? Or that more than 80% of the UK population has, at the very least, one filling. In fact, the average number of fillings for each adult in the nation is seven.

Make no mistake though. The state of the oral health of the Brits has improved vastly over the years. However, these numbers are still concerning.

Which now brings us to the subject of restorative dentistry. Some of your family members or closest friends may have advised you to undergo this specialised type of dental service.

But what is restorative dentistry exactly? How will it help you?

We’ll reveal all the details below, so make sure you read on!

What Restorative Dentistry is All About

At its core, dental restorative services aim not only to make you feel better but look better too. The most common type of procedure that a restorative dentist carries out is a filling. Dental restoration also involves root canals, dental extraction, bridges, crowns, dentures, and dental implants.

In a nutshell, the primary benefit from undergoing such treatments is improving your oral health. More than that though, it prevents more problems from arising. Especially those associated with cavities, tooth fractures, and missing teeth.

Note too, that although this branch of dentistry mainly focuses on tooth and gum restoration, it also brings numerous cosmetic benefits.

Restoration Dentistry Helps You Feel Better

A staggering 105 million pounds. That’s how much oral health problems cost the economy every year. That’s because even just the seemingly simple toothache forces people to take sick days.

You can’t dismiss a toothache as a simple concern. In fact, for most people, they can’t ignore the pain. Because it’s persistent, and when it strikes, it can be quite debilitating.

Even if what you’re feeling isn’t intense, that stabbing sensation can still be highly unpleasant. What’s more, that pain can quickly travel to many other parts of the face, such as the cheek, jaw, and ear. In fact, you may even feel it down to your neck and shoulders.

And the longer you delay having this checked, the worse the soreness will become. To the point that you can’t concentrate anymore. And when this happens at work, you can expect a huge decrease in your productivity.

Worse, you can become part of the statistics showing the loss of millions of working days due to sickness. Just for reference, there was a total loss of 137 million working days in 2016 caused by health problems.

Before any of these happen, go for restorative dental treatment as soon as possible. Remember, there’s a lot of things going on in your mouth, and that mild pain can worsen quickly. And don’t forget that a toothache can signal an already-decaying tooth.

Dental Restoration Can Help Protect Your Natural Teeth

Cracks or fractures on the teeth can lead to pain. There are many ways your teeth can sustain such damages, including normal wear and tear as well as physical trauma. Whichever the reason behind your cracked or fractured teeth, it’s important to address the problem right away.

Because these damages will not just make you feel pain when chewing. It can also lead to teeth sensitivity, which means more pain when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. And over time, your affected tooth will hurt on its own.

There’s also the big possibility that the damage will worsen. Extensive cracks and fractures can give rise to pulp tissue infection. And from here, the infection can impact even the bone and gum that surround the affected tooth.

The damage may become so severe that it would already require dental extraction.

Through restorative dentistry, you can have the root problem fixed before it forces you to lose a natural tooth.

Dental Restorative Procedures Prevent Tooth Movement

Did you know that even a single missing tooth can cause the rest of your teeth to move? When your remaining teeth move out of their proper places, more problems – both aesthetic and medical – will arise. And from here, you’d have to spend more money for treatments such as orthodontics (braces).

So why not fix the issue before it causes teeth movement? For instance, before the need to remove a tooth arises, have a restorative dentist give you a filling. Or before the state of your cracked or fractured tooth worsens, go for restoration treatment like an inlay/onlay, dental crown, or bridge.

By acting promptly, you can save the rest of your teeth and make sure they remain in their proper places. At the same time, save your wallet from more expensive dental procedures.

These Dental Treatments Give You Back Your Great Smile

Were you aware that oral health goes hand in hand with a person’s mental well-being? That’s right. Studies have long since linked the two.

After all, people who have poor dental health are less likely to smile. They’re prone to staying away from others because of fear of embarrassment. They have little to no self-confidence.

All these can lead to the development of problems associated with psychological health. Keep in mind that depression and anxiety are serious health concerns. And people who suffer from such are at greater risk of developing even more oral health issues.

This is one risk you wouldn’t want to put yourself in. So, as early as now, consider investing in restoring your teeth. Through restorative treatments such as a crown, veneer, or implant, you can get your great smile back – possibly even improve it.

Your Oral Health is Essential to Your Overall Well-Being

The appearance and health of your teeth and gums can say a lot about your health in general. It can even tell you that you’re at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke among many other serious conditions.

All these should already tell you how restorative dentistry can really benefit not only your smile, teeth, and gums, but your overall well-being.

Once you’re ready to reap all the good that restoration dentistry can bring, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss all your options.

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