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Convenience and Ease with Cosmetic Dentures

Since your teeth provide structure and support to your cheeks, tooth loss can result in the sagging of your cheeks and make you appear older than you are. If you have lost most or even all of your teeth, or have old, worn-out dentures, there are many options available for replacing missing teeth.

Flat pink dentures are a thing of the past as modern advances mean that we can now make dentures which are indistinguishable from real teeth.

As well as looking younger, you can smile and eat with confidence again with cosmetic dentures.

Wave goodbye to dentures that are unstable and prevent you from speaking and eating properly, embrace a new world of convenience and ease with cosmetic dentures from Jiva Dental.

If you’d like to find out more about cosmetic dentures and how they can give you your confidence back, call us on 020 8546 0011 or book an appointment online.

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Luigi Pozella

I am so pleased that I changed my dentist and joined Jiva Dental. Bob is brilliant as well as his welcoming team. I have had whitening (zoom) which Has given me brilliant results. My tooth implant at the front top of my mouth has been carried out by the team here, being in the most visible position in my mouth, it had to be perfect and it is. I am actually a nervous patient but trust everybody here so much that now I am quite relaxed.

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Charlotte Vieira-Martins

I have just recently completed my invisilign course of treatment with Jiva Dental, Bob and all the team and could not be happier. I have never experianced such a fresh modern welcoming dental environment and such a helpful team. The result I have gained is beyond my expectaions and the comments I recieve about my teeth and smile are brilliant. Jiva Dental is certainly the best in my eyes and would highly recomend this friendly hard working dental practise to anyone!

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Kirrily Nicholls

Once you have experienced Jiva Dental you will never want to step foot in another dental surgery again. Dr Bob, Stella and the team are amazing !! They really do tick all of the boxes. From the moment you make contact with Jiva to make an appointment, Stella puts you at ease and then, when you walk into the surgery, the surroundings are so welcoming - it feels more like you have walked into the lobby of a boutique hotel than a dental surgery. Dr Bob is just outstanding. As well as being incredibly proficient (and efficient), he takes the time to explain what he is doing, what he has found, and shows you images of your teeth throughout your treatment so you understand what is being done and why - all while being very affable. He is simply the best dentist I have ever seen. As well as having my 30+ year old fillings replaced, I also had a Enlighten treatment to whiten my teeth. I now have the most fabulous looking teeth (I never thought I would have teeth that look this good !). The 2 week Enlighten treatment was so easy to follow. I was able to take the trays camping and on holidays to Europe without any problems. I have tried whitening treatments before - home kits and dentist treatments - and none of them came close to achieving the results that I obtained with Enlighten. My teeth even ended up brighter than that guaranteed shade of B1 ! (ask to see the before and after photos - WOW !) I am so, so happy with them !! Jiva Dental is a world apart from any dentist you have been to before. If I could give them 10 stars out of 5 I would - they really are that good.

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Chris Trump

After having problems with a crown done by another dentist, I contacted Jiva Dental to take a look based on their glowing reviews and obviously not feeling too confident going back to the first place again. From start to finish, the entire team were utterly incredible. The practice itself looked great. All staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. But more importantly, the dentist Bob took considerable time to sit down and discuss all my concerns and explain the 'why' behind each step going forward.

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Brooke Balesi

Can’t recommend Jiva dental enough! I have been with the practice for a couple of years now, and have also just finished my Invisalign treatment with them. Dr Bob and his whole team are brilliant, they make you feel so comfortable and welcome from the moment you walk through the door. I am thrilled with the results of my Invisalign treatment and can’t believe how quick, painless and easy the whole thing was under Bob’s guidance. I have just moved out of the area but will be staying with Jiva dental due to their brilliant standard of service and treatments.

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Charlene Calder

I cant recommend Jiva Dental highly enough. Dr Bob and the team are are brilliant at what they do and always friendly and extremely professional. Dr Bob has always put our minds at ease and made us feel comfortable, whether it be a regular check up or any other procedure. Even our kids love going to the dentist because of their own experience at Jiva Dental.

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Glen Lane

I have a very severe dental and needle phobia; so much so that I cancelled two recent appointments elsewhere for surgery, the first because the dentist was uncompassionate and the second because I needed a blood test. This resulted in serious infection under my upper and lower teeth, pushing my teeth out and causing horrendous pain. After years of seeing 'butchers' and being practically abused by dentists, I vowed only to let the very best dentist in the business even put a mirror into my mouth. Well, after much searching, I found them! I entered Jiva Dental's front door and stood at the bottom of the stairs, quaking at the thought of having needles and extractions. I took a moment to think about how lovely everyone was when I saw them for my initial chat and how they'd been so helpful on the phone and via email. I thought about how Bob was so empathic and gentle and about how the place itself isn't like any ordinary dental practice and that gave me the courage to climb the stairs. I was treated like a celebrity there, honestly! Everyone was so warm and caring, everyone showed concern for my comfort and well being and I actually enjoyed being there! The first time I've ever said that! If I'm ever passing, I will always pop in to say hello because they're like friends to me now. They pulled together and pulled my teeth out, pulling me out of a horrible situation in the process. Their fees aren't the cheapest, but you definitely get what you pay for! If you're a phobic patient, speak to Bob! He has restored my faith in dentists, with one procedure! THANK YOU Stella, Jess & Bob, for all you've done for me. I'm looking forward to us working together to make my smile something I can be proud of for once, I know we can do it! Glen. P.S. I should also note that I took a train ride to get there from my home in Milton Keynes... That alone should say how much I admire the wonderful folks at Jiva Dental!

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The teeth whitening treatment was a really easy method, good price, quick results and no pain. So, I do suggest making your teeth white and smile more in future.

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Kevin Tsang

Amazing care and service from everyone at Jivadental! I'm 4 months into my Invisalign treatment and I'm really surprised how discreet they are. I can see the treatment working slowly but surely and I've come to the point where I feel weird without having them on! 6 weeks ago I had my attachments put on, initially they were tough to get used to but after a week my liners slip on and off very easily again. I highly recommend Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment especially from these guys!

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Judith Watts

I was scared and now I'm not - this is the place to be looked after right - thanks to Bob and team for cleaning my teeth without pain - I think the phobia I had about hygeinists is on the way out :)

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Great service! I had a wisdom tooth removed and Dr. Bob made this a quick, easy and pain-free process. Would definitely recommend - thanks again!

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Suzy Walker

I am extremely happy with the service received at Jiva Dental. Everyone is very friendly and yet efficient. I would highly recommend Dr Bob and his team.

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Lara Charman

I have just finished with Invisalign at Jiva dental and couldn’t be happier, my teeth look better then I ever thought they would. They made the whole process extremely clear and as easier for me as possible. Even through the peak of lockdown calling to check how things were going. It’s a really comfortable environment especially for people that might struggle with dentists as they make you feel as at ease and as relaxed as possible. Bob and the whole team are wonderful and welcoming and after trying a few dentist around the Kingston/Hampton Wick area previously, I wouldn’t want to be elsewhere.

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Jemma Capuozzo

I’m very glad I made the decision to go ahead with Invisalign, it actually improved my teeth more than I imagined. I’ve gone from years of not smiling in photos to now smiling as wide as I can in every one! The process was a lot easier than I expected and the dental team were really friendly and gave lots of helpful advice along the way.

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Grace Hatley

I had a wonderful experience with Jiva dental. The whole team are so welcoming and really care about getting you the best results possible. I went through the Invisalign process and couldn’t be happier with the results! Bob is super professional and gave great advice. He was happy to adjust the treatment as it went along if I felt like I needed a few extra tweaks! I would really recommend using Jiva if you’re in need of dental services, and want a top quality results! Thank you all for my lovely new teeth!

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Dottie Read

If you need a dental practice cannot recommend this practice enough. I have been a patient there for the past two years and have received the very best advice and treatment. Bob the dentist is a marvel and the rest of the staff helpful and friendly.

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Oli Baxter-Hughes

I’ve just completed my Invisalign treatment at Jiva Dental and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done! Bob and the team were amazing from start until finish, making everything clear and straightforward throughout and I’m really happy with the end results! If anyone is thinking of getting Invisalign I would highly recommend the team at Jiva Dental!

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Tom Carlisle

After just finishing my Invisalign treatment with Jiva Dental, I can't recommend them highly enough. I had almost a year's worth of retainers, so had multiple trips to the practice and Bob and his team were so professional during each visit. I know a lot of people dread going to the dentist, but I actually looked forward to going to Jiva Dental every time I needed to. I can't speak highly enough of all the staff, and I'm so overwhelmed by the results of the treatment - it certainly exceeded my expectations.

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Jieyun Zhang

I had excellent experience in Jiva dental with my Invisalign treatment. First of all. It’s such a beauty and relax clinic will take away all your concern and nervous when you thinking about dental treatment. Secondly, everyone are friendly and helpful in the clinic (especially Jenna and Jessica). Dr Bob is really professional and i am extremely happy with my Invisalign and white spot treatment result. Thank you so much for taking care of me and let me have wonderful smile now.

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Ashleigh Staddon

I had an amazing experience at Jiva Dental. Bob and his staff were always so welcoming and friendly and always took the time to chat to me. I couldn't be any more happier with the results of my Invisalign treatment, my teeth are now so straight and white. Highly recommend.

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Beth Martin

After a pretty traumatic experience elsewhere, it took round about 5 years to convince myself to try again and to book even just a check up appointment (and it was more than just nerves - I was losing sleep and having panic attacks at even the thought of seeing a dentist). However, in what feels like a once impossible turn of events, my phobia has honestly gone away since going to Jiva Dental. Bob and Jess are amazingly reassuring and gentle; it’s so nice to actually be treated like a person rather than just a load of teeth, and I no longer feel nervous before or even during my appointments.

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Charlotte Taylor

Recently came here for teeth whitening as I was unfamiliar with the process. The staff were always friendly when I phoned up for help and with organising appointments. The dentists and dental assistants were very welcoming, talked through the process and options with me and ensured I was receiving high quality treatment. The process itself was speedy and time efficient thanks to the dental team and I was pleased with my results. Will be coming back here for future treatments and would highly recommend.

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Sian Charlish

From the moment you walk in the door at Jiva - its welcoming and friendly and I knew I was in good hands. I only intended to have whitening and ended up doing the full Invisalign treatment with whitening on completion. It went so well and I am so pleased with my results. I knew what to expect throughout and want to say a massive Thank You to everyone (including lovely Jenna on reception) for helping to make my smile amazing!

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Vaux A

I initially went to Jiva on a recommendation and I am very glad that I did. I had put off dental work for years due to intense fear, and then further put it off because I was afraid that my fear wouldn't be taken seriously, or I would be mocked for it. The entire staff at Jiva were so kind and lovely to me. They were attentive, and let me take things at my own pace and I can honestly say that nothing I had done was painful. I'm so glad to have found this office, and so glad I have finally gotten my teeth sorted!

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Angeliki T

One of people’s most dreaded visits is that appointment with the dentist...Funny enough when I registered with Jiva Dental, that dreaded check up and the hygienist visit has become a rather pleasant one! Even for my boyfriend who is an extremely nervous patient and has not had a visit to the dentist for the last 10 years; he is now a rather happy registered patient of Jiva!

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Juliette Peters

I have been a patient at Jiva for nearly two years. The service is excellent and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I have had bad experiences with dentists in the past and was very nervous when I first started coming to Jiva but everyone worked with me to help me overcome my nerves. I highly recommend Jiva for all dental needs.

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Callum Rawkins

I was sceptical about using the Invisalign treatment at first, however JivaDental made the process so easy from start to finish. From the minute I first walked in everyone at the practise was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable as I began the treatment, with Dr Bhamra explaining how the entire process would work in a simple way which helped me to understand exactly what to expect. All I had to do from there was turn up to my appointments and follow the guidelines given to me in regards to my aligners, and JivaDental dealt with everything else with no problems.

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Barbara Young

had an amazing experience with Jiva Dental from start to finish and I am extremely happy with my new smile :-D. The receptionist, Jenna, was always super warm, professional and friendly and made me feel calm on treatment days. Jess, the dental nurse, did a fantastic job of assisting Dr Bob during my treatments and never failed to make me chuckle, making sitting in a dentist chair a lot easier! Dr Bob himself transformed my smile! I now have well shaped and bright teeth that still look natural. I didn't think this sort of job could be done on my original teeth but this team have proven to be miracle workers. THANK YOU!

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Barnaby Reekes

I had a fantastic experience with Jiva, when having veneers implanted and fillings carried out. Everyone involved at the Practice is kind, conscientious and professional and the results of my treatment are amazing. I would recommend their services to anyone.

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J Bunker

I came on recommendation to Jiva and Dr Bob for his skills to make a quality crown for a front tooth, after having had a traumatic experience elsewhere with a crown that looked awful. Dr Bob and the lab worked together to create an well fitted, amazingly realistic crown that gives me confidence when I smile. I am staying as a dental patient, as I like Bob's quietly confident skill and approach, as well as the friendly staff around him. Many thanks.

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Dannielle Price

I have had a long lasting insecurity about my smile. I had been to various Orthodontics to quote me for the cost of getting my perfect smile and kept being left unsatisfied with the packages and prices offered to me. I was then recommended Jiva Dental by a close friend undergoing the exact treatment that I wanted. I rushed to book my free consultation and was not disappointed once from beginning to end. From the friendly team, to the very reasonable price of my Invisalign treatment, along with free extras I have no complaints! I cannot recommend enough this dental practice. Don't hesitate to get your perfect smile, I wish I had come here sooner.

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John Faulkner

The old saying is "No Pain No Gain". However Jiva has rewritten the rule book and now delivers "No Pain with Spectacular Gain". My anxiety of dentists resulted in major dental problems including only large teeth stumps either side of the two front teeth, severe gum disease and cavaties. Over a relatively short period I had gum cleansing, root canals and temporary crowns giving me a fabulous set of teeth with which to smile. Within another short period I had permanent crowns.

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Rhea Kurien

I've had a faultless experience with Jiva Dental. Everyone who works there is welcoming, friendly and considerate; it meant that going to the dentist, which I'd previously dreaded, no longer felt like an ordeal. My initial consultation was with Dr Bob, who was very patient and happy to talk through my treatment plan in detail. The majority of my treatment was carried out by Muneeza, who was equally capable and just such a lovely person. Together, they have done an amazing job and really given me back my confidence in my smile. My thanks also to Stella and Jenna, as well as Jess and Tina. Would recommend to anyone.

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Hazel Hailey

I hadn't been to the dentist for many years because of bad experiences in the past, but after my first consultation with Dr Bob I was made to feel at ease and able to talk through my concerns. With the support of Dr Bob and the rest of his lovely team, I have finally found the courage to have the treatment done that I so badly needed. It's great that I can smile again, so thank you!

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Hyun Oh

I've just completed the full Invisalign treatment with Dr Bob Bhamra and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. He made sure that I was happy with the whole process and his clinical support team were very professional and caring throughout the 8-month journey. Also, a big shout out to Jenna at the front office who is exceptional at making people feel welcomed and reassured at Jiva Dental.

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