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Jiva Dental is the first carbon neutral dental practice in the world. Almost everything we do produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. It is now widely accepted that this is a major contributor to global climate change.
Dr. Bob Bhamra Dr. Bob Bhamra
"The process of becoming carbon neutral has made me look at how Jiva Dental as a practice will be producing CO2 emissions. We try to reduce these emissions as much as possible but emissions which cannot be curbed through modifying our operations are ofset by investing in various carbon offsetting programmes across the globe, including a mix of technology and forestation."

We’re not perfect but we are passionate about doing "our bit" for the environment.

Not only was Jiva Dental the first dentist in Surrey to become carbon neutral, it was the first in both the UK and the world! This accolade has been awarded by the CarbonNeutral Company® and we've been independently assessed by the Edinburgh Centre For Carbon Management.

Carbon Offsetting
Emissions that we’re unable to curb are offset through investment in various programmes across the globe, including technology and forestation.

In rural parts of India we help The Solar Electric Light Company take polluting kerosene lamps (for light) from homes and replace them with solar panels – as well as producing clean and renewable energy which directly reduces carbon emissions, the community benefit by being able to study and work in the evenings. Download Selco india information sheet.

In Chiapas in Southern Mexico, we invest in a forestation project which (as well as offsetting CO2 emissions) is providing employment, fruit and nuts, timber and developing an ecologically acceptable environment for wildlife to prosper. Download Chiapas information sheet.

Our third offsetting project is in the USA, which involves capturing methane (being 21 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas) from a coal mine. Download US Methane information sheet.
Clean Energy
Our electricity supply is 100% provided from renewable sources, like the wind, the sun and water, that don’t pollute or contribute to climate change.

These sources are called ‘deep green’ because they’re the ultimate in clean-energy generation. They don’t involve burning fuels and they offer a pollution-free, endless source of electricity.

The money we spend on our electricity bills is, in part, invested in building new renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines. Our supplier is Ecotricity. Where possible, we also use energy-efficient lighting throughout our practice.
Sustainable Flooring
We’ve used wood and Marmoleum to cover the floors of our practice. Marmoleum, which exhibits antibacterial properties, is manufactured from sustainable, natural resources.

The main ingredient is linseed oil, which is extracted from the flax plant. This is combined with pine rosin, wood flour (from timber grown in renewable forests), limestone and jute.

Marmoleum is fully biodegradable at the end of its life. The plants and trees that supply the raw materials also produce oxygen – helping to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Sustainable Insulation

To save, and avoid wasting, energy, our practice is insulated to minimise heat loss from the walls, floors, ceilings and windows.

Our sustainable insulation is made from 40% recycled glass, sand and limestone by Isover, who have the ‘Blue Angel’ label for their environmental competence.
Eco Aircon
Our air-conditioning units are amongst the most energy-efficient on the market, featuring on the UK government’s energy technology list of eco-friendly equipment.

Daikin, who produce the units, became the first air-conditioning manufacturer in Europe to obtain ISO 14001 environmental certification – underlining their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment at all levels of their organisation.

Energy Star
Our IT equipment has been sourced to provide an energy-efficient solution, complying with industry standards and it carries the ‘Energy Star’ logo.

Carbon Offsetting

Clean Energy

Sustainable Flooring

Eco Aircon

Energy Star

We try to operate without using paper. All of our patient records are computerised, eliminating the need for cards. Any paper that we do use is recycled, on the way in and the way out. This includes our business cards, letterheads and printer paper.

Digital Radiography

We use fully digital radiography. Although this costs us more than conventional x-rays, digital x-rays cut up to 75-90% of radiation exposure. Also, toxic chemicals are required for processing of the film.

Amalgam Fillings

We can provide the safe removal and replacement of existing mercury-containing amalgam fillings. Such fillings are trapped in a special amalgam separator, and disposed of responsibly – reducing any likelihood of polluting our water supplies.

Ethical Water

Our mineral water supplier puts back all of its profits into clean-water projects by installing wells and water pumps in India and Mali, and in reducing river pollution in the UK. We also only serve organic teas and fairtrade coffee!

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Last Updated: 23rd July 2024 - 1:24 am

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